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Desert Tundra (2022) by Prabh Lahari | Original Painting | Acrylic on Canvas | 30 x 40 in

RM 2,380.00
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Title : Desert Tundra

Artist : Prabh Lahari

Medium : Acrylic on canvas

Year : 2022

Size : 30 x 40 in / 76 x 101 cm

Price : RM 2,380



1. The tundra biome is located near the poles while deserts are located more towards the equator & 30 degrees latitude both North & South.

2. Tundra regions experience very low temperatures while deserts may be hot deserts or cold deserts. (Source) 

Loneliness & aloneness both teach us so much about life & ourselves.

Loneliness - you do what you have to do to survive & get through it. Sometimes one day at a time, sometimes one hour at a time, sometimes one minute at a time...a seemingly never-ending war against the jabberwockies in your mind.

You lose some people, you learn how to hold your own hand, you learn how to cry out to God & surrender to the powers that be.

In the end, you learn how to stand solid in your aloneness. There is a sense of peace in the chaos of nothingness. You learn how to take things in your stride. How to say no to what you don't want/need, yes to what you want/need. With the understanding that what you want & what you need may sometimes be two very different things.

There is a certain melancholy or the loss of this 'innocence' - the illusion of loneliness. After all, life's always better together, right?

Yet there is a tremendous sense of pride for emerging standing tall after having courageously strode through it all. An aloneness which no one can take away from you. Ever.

Deserts & tundras are similar yet dissimilar. There is a sense of nothingness in both. A nothingness which transcends time, space & borders. How we perceive & face this nothingness changes everything.

The nothingness is not your enemy - on the contrary, it is your most valuable ally.


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