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QAISARA (2021) by Aleng Tohara | Original Painting | Mixed Media on Canvas | 2.5 feet x 5 feet

RM 4,500.00
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"This canvas art depicts a difficult life. The color gray is a mixture of white and black and is used to represent the earth, life, and the climate. The colors and media applications used in the media mix reflect the aspects of life that live, want, and mourn. As a result, be grateful for the opportunities you have and always smile, yesterday, today, and in the future."

Title : QAISARA (2021)

Artist : Aleng Tohara

Medium : Mixed Media (Sand, Shells, Roots, Oil, Acrylic, Glue) on Canvas

Size : 2.5 feet x 5 feet 

Price : RM 4,500 

A little bit about the artist

Aleng Tohara, a self-taught artist, is a bit of a poet himself too. Starting his art ventures in 2001, his artworks are often linked to his poetry and are all based on true stories about himself, what he has gone through in the past and present. 

“I love arts, abstract be my art therapy” - Aleng Tohara

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