Cyan Low

Cyan Low 是一位广告设计师兼画家。同时也是马来西亚艺术协会的会员。我的主要创作分为四个系列,宋神益人,船之系列,学境系列和兰繁系列。当然许多的灵感都在平时的日常生活环境里的变化,敏感在予自己的感观里的观,听,思。当然少不了阅读。目前我也在跟着杨应平先生学画。可以认识到我的艺术导师杨应平先生可是我的荣幸,在他细心的教导下,看见无论在画工,技法或理念都有明显的进步。

My name is Cyan Low. I am an advertising designer, a painter Artist, as well as a member of the Malaysian Art Association. My main works of art are divided into four series: Glory of God and His People, Ships, School Life, and Orchids. 

Inspiration can come from many of the subtle changes in everyday life, and it all depends on my own perceptions, which include what I see, what I hear, and what I think. Also, not forgetting what I read. Right now, I am learning with Master Yang. It is my honour to meet Master Yang as I can see significant improvements in my skill, technique, and concepts under his careful guidance.

Cyan Low, Fine Art Artist, Malaysia - Inner Joy Art Gallery


I think the most important thing is to maintain the heart of a child, and to never forget the reason I first picked up a painting brush. I must learn to love and to understand my own artwork, before someone else can experience the deep meaning behind my paintings. Whatever I do, my goal is always to touch people’s hearts.


The world of art should be inclusive, therefore I was never one to notice or concern myself with any specific trends, because I believe art will become more and more fluid in the future. Although it is filled with uncertainties, we can still use what we know about art now to leave some stories, inspiration, reminders, memories, love, and compassion. I believe that art is borderless; art is touching people’s hearts.

"让艺术触动人心... Let the art touches people’s hearts." - Cyan Low

Past Exhibitions / Art Events / Art Awards:

- 2019, Group Art Exhibition “Inspiration Art Exhibition 2019 Malaysia

- 2019, Group Art Exhibition “和谐共生书画展”, Malaysia

- 2019, Group Art Exhibition “ART FOR ALL Charity Auction Exhibition”, Malaysia

- 2020, Group Art Exhibition “ART ROOM 22 Art Exhibition”, Malaysia

- 2020, Group Art Exhibition “碧桂园联办新春展”, Malaysia

- 2020, Group Art Exhibition “水墨画展”, Malaysia

- 2020, Group Art Exhibition “马六甲痕迹画展”, Melaka, Malaysia

- 2021, Group Art Exhibition “画艺新锐线上画展”, Johor, Malaysia

- 2021, Group Art Exhibition “咖啡艺术线上义展”, Pinang, Malaysia