Norifah Ahmad

Norifah binti Ahmad is a full-time mom turned artist from Shah Alam, Malaysia. She used to live in the hearts of Borneo where she really enjoyed the serenity of the open Celebes Sea. She also stayed in Hiroshima, Japan before, and that was when she found the beauty of arts in Decoupage and other crafts. Decoupage was always glued to her heart, and with this experience and knowledge, she brought this craft all the way back with her to Malaysia, which she thereafter turned into art pieces that evolved with her over time. 

Decoupage Sculpture is the art that Norifah discovered and created through decorating an object by gluing various paper cutouts in combination with acrylic paint. To create decoupage sculpture, Norifah applied multiple coats of sealer until the layer of the coloured paper cutouts are secured on the objects and the results look like paintings or inlay works. 

Recently, Norifah's art direction has further evolved into applying decoupage techniques on canvases as well. While some may referred to her techniques as mixed media on canvas, Norifah stays true to what feels the closest to her heart, ie. Decoupage. 


Norifah always aspires for the best as she let herself venture further into the art and technique of decoupage, transforming it into various innovations that can be mysterious and stunning at the same time. All decoupage artworks created by Norifah come with in-depth aspirations and stories behind them too. 

Get to know Norifah and her artworks more from this video :