Here, you can some questions that are frequently asked by our customers.

1. I bought an artwork during one of the exhibitions. When can I collect the artworks?

You can collect any purchased artworks 1 day after the said exhibition ends. In the meantime, the purchased artworks will remain in the gallery until successful collection and/or delivery of the said artworks.

2. If I want to frame the artworks that I purchase, do you provide framing services?

As an art gallery that focused on producing art exhibitions and promoting the artists with their respective artworks, we don't provide framing services here. However, we do have a trustworthy gallery partner that is able to handle your framing needs. If you would like to frame the artworks purchased, we can assist you to coordinate with our gallery partner for the said framing. Our gallery partner usually will handle transportation of the artworks to and from gallery, frame shop and your residence / office too. They will also be able to help you with installation of the artwork at your home / office. Charges for the framing services will be separated from the price of the artworks. Our gallery partner will bill you on that separately.

If you have any other queries that are not listed here, feel free to drop us WhatsApp message through +6 011 377 33 93.