When Danial was about 2 years old, he was diagnosed with autism. He was nonverbal until age 3 and did not relate to other people. Between the age of 4 to 8, it was noticed that the only past time he enjoyed was drawing. He had minimum language capability and was in his own world. 

As for most children in the autism spectrum, Danial had trouble communicating and understanding what other people think and feel. Therefore, he expressed his emotions through drawings. 

Currently, Danial shows interest and talent in painting. He loves using vibrant colours in his  work and has a particular preference in naïve and abstract art. Since his first exhibition in 2019, Danial has improved in his painting  techniques and skills. He has also shown more  confidence in expressing his emotions and  thoughts in his artwork. 

Art - My voice. My emotion. No words required" - Danial Kushairi

Danial Kushairi

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