Danial Kushairi

Danial Kushairi is an artist with autism. Danial rediscovered his talent in drawing and painting in 2018, at the age of 16. 

As for most people in the autism spectrum, Danial Kushairi has trouble communicating and understanding what other people think and feel. Now at the age of 20, his verbal communication is still limited and it is a challenge for him to comprehend complex instruction.

Since his debut in 2019, he has participated in 18 group exhibitions; 3 of which were at an international level. In 2021, his painting “The Three Women Carrying Basket" was selected to participate in the exhibitions “ArtWorks Together Virtual Exhibition", United Kingdom and “Qingdao International Contemporary Art Exhibition", Qingdao, China. In the same year, Danial’s painting “Intrigue I" was selected to participate in the exhibition “2021 Paraart Tokyo", Tokyo, Japan. He is also one of the 10 special needs artists that are selected to participate in an upcoming exhibition in Turin, Italy in April 2023. 

In 2021 and 2022, Danial Kushairi co-authored and illustrated 2 children story books, "Mr. Turtle to the Rescue, (2021)" and "Ben Saves the Day, (2022)". The story books were based on his interpretation of his original paintings "The Ocean Turtle" and "The Ocean Fish", respectively.

“A Walk in the Park" is Danial Kushairi’s 1st solo exhibition. It is inspired by his natural surroundings; gardens, flowers, plants and animals.

Art - My voice. My emotion. No words required" - Danial Kushairi

Past Exhibitions / Art Events / Art Award :

2019: “Colours of Malaysia: Harmony & Unity", Inner Joy Art, Petaling Jaya

2019: “Kids Art Fair", GMBB, Kuala Lumpur

2020: “HOM ART OPEN 2020*, HOM Art Trans, Ampang

2020: “The Gifted by Art4Love", WhiteBox Publika, Kuala Lumpur

2020: “DUALITY", Opposites Abstract, University of Malaya Art Gallery, Kuala Lumpur

2020: “Have Courage. Be Kind : Mental Health Awareness", Inner Joy Art, Petaling Jaya

2021: “What’s Your Story?", Inner Joy Art, Petaling Jaya

2021: “Special Artist Exhibition 2021", Play & Paint Art Studio, Klang

2021: “ArtWorks Together Virtual Exhibition", United Kingdom

2021: “Dreamscape", Art Contest & Exhibition, Le Art Shop, Kuala Lumpur

2021: "Flowers & Foliages", Inner Joy Art, Petaling Jaya

2021: “Payung Merah", PeRupa Art Exhibition, Kuala Lumpur

2021: “2021 Paraart Tokyo", Tokyo, Japan

2021: “Generasi 21 International Art Show", Kuala Lumpur

2021: “Qingdao International Contemporary Art Exhibition", Qingdao, China

2021: “The Gifted Art Show", Kuala Lumpur

2022 : New Illustrators Exhibition, Museum Picture Book Art, Kuala Lumpur

2022 : “RHB Art With Heart 2022 - Rising Together", Bangsar  Shopping Center, Kuala Lumpur


2021: “Mr Turtle, To the Rescue!", Published by UUM Press

2022: “Ben Saves the Day", Published by Oyez!Book

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