Prabh Lahari

Prabh Lahari, (birth name Ong Ee Lee) weaves the spiritual practices of yoga, meditation, & various other holistic practices into her creative expression.

A full-time yoga teacher since 2014, she has travelled extensively to India for meditation & bodymind courses. Through her studies, she explored the bodymind connection, & how our external & internal realities relate. Her love for philosophy & the esoteric led her to explore various mediums of expression to convey her thoughts & emotions on the subjects.

Having adopted a different perspective & approach towards life, it was only natural that she would one day extend her creative endeavours to include the visual arts. From the written word, to music, & movement, she eventually discovered the power of visual arts in communicating that which is indescribable with words.

Prabh Lahari 300dpi1

Starting out as an intuitive artist in 2018, Prabh Lahari furthered her exploration in this unique combination of meditation & art through the Osho Art Therapy Training in Spain (2023).

She is currently deepening her artistic technique under the mentorship of senior artist Mr. Yeo Eng Peng.

Prabh Lahari's art has garnered a global following, with collectors from America, New Zealand, & Malaysia. Based in Kuala Lumpur, she actively participates in group art exhibitions & facilitates Art & Wellness programs that blend meditation, bodymind practices, vocal sound healing, & art.

Her art serves as a springboard into one’s inner world, inviting viewers to embark on a meditative, & sometimes inquisitive journey through visual expre ssion.

"The arts speaks to everyone on a personal level. Are you listening?" - Prabh Lahari

Past Exhibitions / Art Events

  • 2023, "Soothing Emotions : Exhibition for the Soul", Sunway University & Inner Joy Art Gallery 
  • 2020, "Be Kind. Have Courage; Mental Health Awareness", Inner Joy Art Gallery
  • 2019, "Colours of Malaysia : Harmony & Unity", Inner Joy Art Gallery
  • 2019, Music & Art Solo Show with Classical Music Artists, Ipoh
  • 2019, "Vermillion", Opposites Abstract, LockerRoom DC Mall
  • 2019, "Unicorn Magic", Opposites Abstract, LockerRoom DC Mall