Divine : Treasures of the Forest

Divine : Treasures of the Forest Art Exhibition

11.4.2020 - 11.6.2020

Divine is how we love to describe the treasures of our forest all over the world. In conjunction with the 50th anniversary of the World Earth Day, 8 artists who are passionate about nature have gathered together to express their own interpretation on what divinity of the treasure of the forest is to them.

Acknowledging the global theme of the World Earth Day, climate action and the current pandemic situation of novel coronavirus that the whole wide world is currently in, we would like to appreciate how Mother Earth has seen signs of healing. We hope through this exhibition, those healing and divinity can be amplified, and may art is used as one of the tools and voice to help restore the treasures of our forest to its pristine divinity.

The 8 participating artists here are from diverse backgrounds and experience. While most are using acrylic on canvas as their medium of choice, there is also one watercolour artist who is making her debut show with us, and to add on to the interesting variance, one decoupage artist is also amongst the 8.

The theme of this exhibition has been set since the end of last year, and the participating artists have been selected a few months before this. Given the current pandemic situation and the Movement Control Order / Restricted Movement Order that our country is currently in, we are very well aware that this exhibition is not able to commence it the traditional way that we are used to.

In view of that, in the spirit of adapting to the ever changing situation of the world and utilising the gift of technology, we are going to proceed with the launching and opening of this exhibition as scheduled on 11 April 2020, 3.00 pm through virtual platforms.

8 Participating Artists :
Ahmed Ghazie Ibrahim
Ayawan Musafirsinggah
Christine Das
Kerrilyn Cheah
Norifah Ahmad
Dr. Ralph Klemp
Rube Jamal
Rull MacKenzie Rull MacKenzie

Artist Curator & Producer :
Dymphna Lanjuran Dymphna 马紫惠 Art

Officiated by :
Susee Rajaram
Managing Director
Guardians of Mother Earth

(Virtually launched on 11 April 2020)