Inner Joy Art

Inner Joy Art is a modern and friendly contemporary art gallery in Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia. We are passionate about bringing happiness through art experience!

Here in Inner Joy Art, we look forward to inspire art lovers to beautify your home and office spaces with meaningful and impactful artworks - art that makes you feel. 

We curate art exhibitions with stunning contemporary artworks by local and international artists. Each exhibition carries impactful theme, messages and stories. 

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Selected artists are those with promising artistic journey and impactful stories to tell in their arts and life. Art collectors and visitors have the chance to meet and/or interact (personally and/or virtually) with the artists during the opening reception and delivery/collection of purchased artworks, if requested so. 

We practise diversity and inclusion in Inner Joy Art. Hence, our artists come from various education and ethnic backgrounds, mental and physical capabilities too. 

Dreams Art Exhibition

All purchased artwork comes with a gallery signed Certificate of Authenticity issued by us to the respective art buyers/collectors. There is an option to either have the Certificate issued as a virtual e-copy only or printed hard copy for your personal safekeeping. 

We also provide complimentary consultation to buyers and collectors on any queries that you may have pertaining to the artworks to be purchased through us. In Inner Joy Art, we are passionate to help art lovers build their new art collections!

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We hope all of you enjoy your virtual art experience here! All artworks here are curated into special collections for your ease of reference and virtual viewing enjoyment.

Feel free to contact us if you have any queries on the artworks and/or potential purchase. We are also available for private appointments to view selected artworks. If you were to drop by to our gallery for a visit for the first time, it is very easy to recognise us as there's a huge wooden heart (our logo) at the gallery glass entrance! 

Inner Joy Art Gallery Malaysia

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To get to know our artists and other valueable art news, head over to our blog here. If there's a specific art news or info that you would like to know or read in our blog too, drop us a message about it! 

Follow your bliss! Take care of your heart through art. 💝

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