Love : Thanksgiving

"Love : Thanksgiving" - An Art Exhibition

11.11.2021 - 2.1.2022

Inner Joy Art Gallery, Malaysia


This year has been another challenging year for most of us. In Malaysia, the recent MCO that lasted for about 5 months (May - Oct 2021) has impacted all of us in various ways.

The art scene in Malaysia has been so quiet physically during that period. Thankfully however, we have the virtual world to still connect with each other, and to still share art too,

During the formulation of the theme for this exhibition, we have no way of knowing whether the MCO would have been over or not by the scheduled date,11 Nov 2021. However, we realised that no matter what happens in our lives, finding love and being thankful are what brings us hope and the strength to carry on.

What the world need the most is indeed love - no matter how cliché that may sound, we echo that, and we would like to add thanksgiving into the equation too.

Indeed, amidst the challenges that this year has shown us, when we take time to reflect and contemplate, there are also things to be thankful and grateful for. The artworks in this exhibition aim to show that through the eyes and heart of the 5 participating artists, Jean Mun, aruznadi, K. Aveena Devi, Dymphna Lanjuran, Alex Liong Chen Hui and Grace Wang Wan Chew (黄婉秋).

This exhibition is also special as it is launched together with "First : My Journey" that is making its physical appearance now after its virtual debut during the MCO. More reasons to be thankful for indeed!

We hope through these artworks, you will be inspired to look for your own love : thanksgiving in your life too.

With lots of love, 

Inner Joy Art Gallery