Rekha Menon

Rekha Menon is a self-taught artist who finally took the plunge to go full-time into visual arts after over a decade being a branding and media relations professional. Menon, a Malaysian artist born and based in Kuala Lumpur, she combines naïve figurations and abstract motifs in her body of work. Her bright and colourful palette flows with lines, shapes, patterns, symbols and shading to signify the plethora of expressions and feelings. 

Menon’s artworks have been showcased at international platforms in Italy, Indonesia, Japan, Singapore and Thailand. She was recognized with a Honourable Award by the International Watercolour Society for its 2018 International Watercolour Biennale. Her works are currently in private collections in Italy, Germany, Norway, Sri Lanka, Bangkok, Singapore, USA and Malaysia.

I love to explore the multi-dimensional aspect of us as humans through our emotions, self-awareness and interconnectedness.” - Rekha Menon