Doreen Ng

Doreen Ng is a passionate artist with a background in graphic design and a self-taught painter, also sharing her artistic knowledge as a part-time art teacher. Since her childhood, she has been captivated by the enchanting realms of fantasy, fairytales, and magical stories, drawing inspiration from luminaries like Tolkien, Disney, and Studio Ghibli. These influences have fueled her creative journey, allowing her to weave her own visual narratives.

As a naturally introverted and socially awkward individual, Doreen finds solace in expressing herself through the lens of her inner child's imagination. Her artworks are a celebration of colourful aesthetics, dreamy landscapes, and whimsical escapes that offer a profound sense of healing and solace. Additionally, she enjoys crafting captivating fantasy and surreal portraits, often focused on empowering female figures.

"Art has the remarkable ability to reconnect with our inner child and touch the depths of the heart, which is why I aspire to bring joy, kindle the fires of magical imagination, and awaken quiet wonderment through my creations." – Doreen Ng"

Past Exhibitions / Art Events / Art Awards:

2021 - Group Art Exhibition “My First Journey” @ Inner Joy Art Gallery

2022 - Group Art Exhibition “Fable. A Hero’s Journey” @ Inner Joy Art Gallery

2023 – Emerging Artists Group Exhibition @ KL City Art Gallery