I am May

I am  May is an artist who illustrates and teaches kids art . She loves bringing joy to everyone who buys her work or whenever they see her work at their commercial or personal spaces. She’s a digital designer by profession but over recent years has transitioned to an illustrator and wall mural artist and an artist. She loves drawing and this can clearly be seen in her huge , cute kawaii kaijus alongside with her hybrid quirky characters. She works mostly on boards and canvas rolls with a huge range of mediums from acrylics, enamel paint, markers, pen & ink, pencils of all sorts and oil pastels. She also mixes all sorts of paper and cardboards creating a hodgepodge of a patchwork collage as the base of her large abstract expressionism kawaii kaiju, in her recent series called Disruptive Interruptions.

I am May

"I honestly don’t have an artist statement." - I am May 

Past Exhibitions / Art Events / Art Awards:

- 2016, Solo Art Exhibition “catscatscats”, Minut Init, Petaling Jaya

-2013, DESIGNUBIC Digital Group Show, Cebu, Phillipines

-2012 , Designers of Asia, Mini Group Show, Paradox Cafe

-2011, Group Art Show, Kucing Luwak Runs Away , MOJO Cafe

- 2007, Group Art Exhibition Rantai Art Fest, The Red Bungalow, Ampang, Kuala Lumpur