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Working through Emotions (2020) by Yow Chi Leng | Watercolour & Gouache on Paper | Original Painting | 70 cm x 50 cm

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"We are complicated beings and the stuff that makes us who we are is often times messy. In my own experience, working through my own messes, my emotions, realising they are there and acknowledging them, take courage because they may not be part of the ideal me I desire to portray. It’s like the depths of an ocean here, where it can be beautiful but complicated with many layers. 

But I manage to glean the bits of myself that I’ve not realised and begin to understand myself a bit better, then able to accept those messy parts a bit more. I believe that’s the kindness we can give ourselves so that we can grow. It does take work, hence, the woman gleaning slowly above the seemingly still waters. 

This is the first painting of the 'Thoughtful Collection'. I wanted the overall feel of this collection to be peaceful and hopeful. I also thought about working with the idea of water, something flowing." - Yow Chi Leng

Title: Working through Emotions (2020) 

Artist: Yow Chi Leng 

Medium: Watercolour & Gouache on Paper 

Size: 70 cm x 50 cm 

Price: RM 1,200 (with dark brown wooden frame and exclusive glass cover) 


A little bit about the Artist 

Yow Chi Leng graduated with a Bachelors in International Communications Studies from the University of Nottingham. She is currently a teacher and teacher trainer at the Ace Edventure Schools and is part of a team that runs an Art & Design program for teens. 

For Chi Leng, art has always been a space for exploration and reflection of people, observations in everyday life and nature, and most recently, self: the quirks, joys, and struggles. It is a way to connect with each other's experiences and humanity. 

Be it lineart or watercolour illustrations, her work focuses on fine details, merging the everyday with whimsical or magical elements. She has been exploring art since she was 9 and is a self-taught illustrator, working specifically with pens, coloured pencils and watercolour. 

Starting from 2009, she has been a part of the art festival scene like Art for Grabs, selling her smaller illustrations and crafts. Since then, she has done murals and illustrative work for various organisations. She also conducts watercolour workshops and private art classes. 

“I find joy and am often moved by the mysteries found in everyday observations of people and the world. Being able to tell those kinds of stories reminds me that we don't necessarily have to save the world to connect with others and make a difference.” - Yow Chi Leng

This artwork is part of the exhibition "Be Kind. Have Courage : Mental Health Awareness", which runs from 10.10.2020 until 12.12.2020 (extended to 3.1.2021)