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Entangled (2021) by Nina Khalil | Original Painting | Acrylic on Canvas | Abstract Art

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"Entangled is a representation of how life is. Beautiful, colorful and vibrant but it can also be complicated and confusing. It’s full of hope, dreams and positivity yet twisted. It all depends on how you perceive of it and how you deal with the struggles. Life is as beautiful as you want it to be."

Title : Entangled (2021) 

Artist : Nina Khalil 

Medium : Acrylic on Canvas 

Size : 1.9 feet x 2.7 feet (60 cm x 84 cm)


A little bit about the artist 

Nina Khalil is a self-taught painter from Malaysia who does mostly abstract expressionism art, subconsciously and intuitively. Her art evolves as she heals. She often portrays the concept of duality in her paintings, ie. covering both colourful and the shadow sides of things. Growing up, Nina struggled expressing her emotions, so art is her way of expressing herself. Art to her is a sacred sharing of feelings and thoughts of an artist that is tangible. 

“Art is the definition of the unspeakable truth. ” - Nina Khalil