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齐。复兴 UNITY REVIVAL (2019) by Cyan Low | Original Artwork | Watercolour on Paper | 25 cm x 35 cm

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“Revival” is a topic Christians should pay special attention to, as well as the mission in which the church will be transformed. Regardless of the different administrative structures, pastoral styles, and gathering purposes, the topic of “revival” cannot be dismissed. “You are to preach my word to the people for them to be my disciples, and baptise them in the name of the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit. All that I command you, teach them so they obey.” This is the motivation for revival, and it is what the church must do.

The crown of thorns that Jesus wore symbolises the pain, insults, and shame that Jesus endured for the sake of our salvation. When all is said and done, Jesus is now exalted and glorified. With Jesus’ resurrection, a plant that was meant to symbolise a curse is now a mark of glory, and through the anointing of this glory, the church blossomed into what it is today.

May this painting of mine ignite your passion for Revival, and may you enjoy my artwork.

Title : 齐。复兴  UNITY REVIVAL (2019)

Artist : Cyan Low

Medium : Watercolour on Paper

Size : 25 cm x 35 cm

A little bit about the Artist

My name is Cyan Low. I am an advertising designer, a painter Artist, as well as a member of the Malaysian Art Association. My main works of art are divided into four series: Glory of God and His People, Ships, School Life, and Orchids. 

Inspiration can come from many of the subtle changes in everyday life, and it all depends on my own perceptions, which include what I see, what I hear, and what I think. Also, not forgetting what I read. Right now, I am learning with Master Yang. It is my honour to meet Master Yang as I can see significant improvements in my skill, technique, and concepts under his careful guidance.

"让艺术触动人心... Let the art touches people’s hearts." - Cyan Low