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"Does Anything I Do Matter?" (2020) by Mariyam Shany Ahmed (Manje)

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“Perhaps one of the most misunderstood mental llnesses in most societies, Clinical Depression is a condition that makes a person lose all interest in daily tasks and interaction. Often withdrawing into themselves, leading to self harm, doubt and eventually suicide in many cases, depression is notjust a phase we can assume someone is having and ask them to snap out of it. In the center of this artwork is a brain MRI of a person diagnosed with depression."

Title : "Does anything I do matter?", 2020

Artist : Mariyam Shany Ahmed (Manje)

Medium : Acrylic and Ink on Canvas

Size : 4 feet x 4 feet

Price : RM 3,800


A little bit about the Artist 

🍃 Mariyam Shany, more commonly known as Manje is a full-time visual artist and muralist based in Kuala Lumpur. While Manje’s works mainly explore the relationships between nature, feminine beauty and fantasy; she is also immensely influenced by cultures and the intricacies in historical elements and anecdotal stories that often inspire the subject matter in her artworks.

With a Bachelor's Degree in Urban Design, her work also sees an influence of architectural elements, in-depth research into the concepts she portrays, as well as attention to the finest detailing in her work.

🍃 “I believe in my illusions as I let them manifest upon my canvas." - Mariyam Shany Ahmed (Manje)

This artwork is part of the exhibition "Be Kind. Have Courage : Mental Health Awareness".