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Abstract Normality - Braised Meat Noodles (2019) by I am May | Original Painting | Mixed Media on Canvas Boards | 46" x 20" (Triptych)

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"This was a simple series of braised meat noodles. Why braised meat noodles? Because it warms the heart , best eaten with the ones you love. This Is another series which are a more food based kinda concept. As Malaysians we practically greet each other with “Have you eaten,yet” rather than “Hello”which is pretty common. Abstract Normality came about during the first MCO and the term normal wasn’t really anything normal and there was a lot of uncertainty, basically way too abstract to determine what or how things will go. These abstract calligraphy feels like the perfect way of being in the midst of it all."

Title : Abstract Normality - Braised Meat Noodles (2019)

Artist : I am May

Medium : Mixed Media : Acrylic, Enamel Paint on Canvas Boards

Size : 46" x 20" (Triptych) [Individual measurements = 16” x 20” (2 pieces) + 14” x 18”]

Price : RM 945 for all 3 pieces

A little bit about the artist

I am May is an artist who illustrates and teaches kids art . She loves bringing joy to everyone who buys her work or whenever they see her work at their commercial or personal spaces. She’s a digital designer by profession but over recent years has transitioned to an illustrator and wall mural artist and an artist.

“I honestly don’t have an artist statement.” - I am May