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Autocuidado (2020) by Pan Wai Ling (Claire)

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“Autocuidado means self-care in Spanish. This painting shows a lady sleeping while her hair is flowing like waterfall. The waterfall is the state of her mind; When we are busy and do not have time to rest, eventually, we feel drained and our mood is affected by tiredness. When this lady is sleeping, her mind starts flowing out like a peaceful 

waterfall. The plant comes to life near the waterfall while some soil and rock look dry. The dry soil and rock represent our health. A full moon means we are going through the same cycle. We rest, do our thing, get tired and then rest."

Title : Autocuidado, 2020

Artist : Pan Wai Ling (Claire) 

Medium : Acrylic on Canvas

Size : 59.4cm x 84.1cm

Price : RM 1,500 

A little bit about the Artist

🍃 Pan Wai Ling (Claire) graduated with a Bachelor of Designs (Hons) Professional Design (visual communication) in 2017. Since childhood, art, illustration, and cartoon have been parts of her life. Now a graphic designer by profession, Claire utilises her experience in graphic design and passion in illustration onto fine arts on canvas, paper and digital works. 

Claire is hearing impaired but that doesn't stop her from pursuing what she loves. Introvert in nature, Claire finds joy in expressing her feelings through art and exploration of all things art. To her, art is not like the reality that we live in. Art represents the freedom and voice we paint and express on canvas.

🍃 "Listen to your heart while drawing/painting.” - Pan Wai Ling (Claire)

Claire is one of the 2 hearing-impaired / deaf artists in the exhibition, "Be Kind. Have Courage : Mental Health Awareness". 

Thank you and we hope you enjoy your art experience here. 🤗

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