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BREAKTHROUGH (2018) by SharulAimer Kamarulzaman | Original Painting | Acrylic on Canvas | Abstract Art

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"Being an introverted person myself, the canvas represents how someone wants to break free from the darkness, trying to submerge and to find identity. It’s the majestic tranquility of soul and spirit. It’s like a ripple in water caused by subtle interaction of wind, water and other objects. Colours that are dull and nebulous, indicating a calm and quiet climate. The canvas shows the primary colors of indignation and joy that are red and black, respectively."

Title : BREAKTHROUGH (2018)

Artist : SharulAimer Kamarulzaman

Medium : Acrylic on Canvas 

Size : 3 feet x 3 feet


"I let my art do the talking. Through my artwork, I try to bring the inside out. My artwork speaks not only for me, but rather from people that I know and work with and their untold stories. Like to play with lines, colours and combination of both photography and acrylic techniques transforms into a singular art piece.” - SharulAimer Kamarulzaman