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Different (2021) by Syukran Shakirah | Original Artwork | Acrylic on Canvas | 41 cm x 41 cm

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Have you ever wondered why we are different from one another? Have you ever noticed that the difference that we have is what makes us special in our own way? Hence, being a little unusual from others, either in character or life achievement isn't strange. Imagine if human beings were created the same, the entire universe would be dull and boring. Sometimes, being called weird may as well define us as limited or special.

Either hate it or not, being odd or uncommon might place us as the center of attention and controversial gossip. Consequently, it may result negatively such that being different is a bad thing. This paint was created to encourage people to embrace their 'uniqueness'. One of the leaves was painted pink to make it stand out from the others and exhibit its uniqueness. It is uncommon for a leaf to be found in such color, yet it does make the paint more interesting and unique.

Hence, "Do not be afraid of being different. Be afraid of staying the same way as others."


Pernahkah kita bertanya mengapa kita diciptakan berbeza antara satu sama lain? Pernahkah kita merasa perbezaan itu yang membuatkan kita istimewa? Sesungguhnya menjadi berbeza daripada biasa bukanlah sesuatu yang pelik. Bayangkanlah jika kita diciptakan dengan bentuk dan perwatakan yang sama pasti hidup kita nampak hambar.

Sama ada kita suka ataupun tidak, perkara yang terlihat unk akan menjadi perhaatian dan bualan orang. Kadang kadang, perkara ini akan membawa kepada persepsi yang negatif. Karya iini diciptakan untuk memberi mesej kepada semua orang untuk gembira dengan ciptaan manusia yang berbeza beza dari pelbagai aspek. Oleh sebab itu, warna daun itu dicat dengan warna merah jambu untuk menunjukkan kelainan daripada daun daun lain sekaligus membuatkan karya ini lebih cantik dan menarik.

Title: DIFFERENT (2021) 

Artist : Syukran Shakirah 

Medium used: Acrylic on Canvas

Measurement: 16 x 16 inch // 41 x 41 cm

A little bit about the Artist

SYUKRAN SHAKIRAH is a self-taught artist that has a great appreciation for the surroundings. This informs most of her art as they revolve around florals and a more naturalistic theme. Each piece of her work is the result of a meditative process and reflection of her thoughts toward nature and environments.

She has participated in several public and private events showcasing her talents such as Putrajaya International Islamic Arts & Culture Festival 2019, SEPHORA Raya Celebration 2019 and art class at PERODUA Headquarters Rawang and International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM). Her first group exhibition was held at the National Art Gallery, Kuala Lumpur in 2019 .

When I look into my work in progress, I see myself. It reflects on me who’s not perfect and always making mistakes yet struggling to be the best.” - Syukran Shakirah