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Eunoia (2021) by Ejan Ahmad | Original Painting | Acrylic on Canvas | 102 cm x 76 cm

RM 3,000.00
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"A pure and well balanced mind will lead us to good spirit and beautiful thinking."

Title : Eunoia (2021)

Artist : Ejan Ahmad

Medium : Acrylic on canvas

Size : 102cm x 76cm

Price : RM 3,000

A little bit about the artist

Ejan Ahmad,Ipoh born living in Kuala Lumpur is a self-taught artist. She creates works of art directly influenced by her experiences of the world and nature. Her paintings are often minimalistic, monochromatic and abstract expressionism. Her artwork is often seen using thick textures of modeling paste and acrylic paint with added sands by using palette knives and scratching tools. This grainy process creates streaks, lines, and swirls that move in different directions.

“I love creating art because I believe art is one of the ways I’m able to communicate my feelings to the world, which I cannot express in words. I don’t really like explaining myself, so maybe people can understand me through my art.” - Ejan Ahmad 

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