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Glow in the Dark (2021) by Syukran Shakirah | Original Artwork | Acrylic on Canvas | 51 cm x 77 cm

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Life is not perfect without trials and challenges. Named as 'Glow in The Dark', this artwork was painted purposely to motivate people who are currently facing trials and challenges in their life. 

This painting was inspired by the quote "There is always a rainbow after every storm." The black background represents the life of mortals that are full of trials while the flowers and the leaves located at the center of this painting were inspired by our batik pattern, which symbolizes happiness in lives. The flowers bloom gracefully and glow beautifully despite the dark background.

Somehow it is related to us, as we are able to 'glow', thanks to the trial and trouble we face in life. Good moments taste sweeter after the tough times. Believe that, every effort we make to face challenges in life brings us closer to the path of happiness.


Hidup kita tidak sempurna tanpa ujian dan nikmat. Kedua-dua elemen ini berganding seiringan menemani hidup manusia. Karya ini dilukis bertujuan untuk memberi motivasi kepada semua yang sedang menghadapi gelora dan cabaran dalam kehidupan.

Latar belakang warna hitam melambangkan ujian dalam hidup manusia. Motif bunga dan kerawang yang berinspirasikan daripada batik pada lukisan ini menggambarkan hidup kita yang bahagia. Corak bung aini kelihatan lebih menarik dengan latar belakang warna hitam.

Sedikit sebanyak, lukisan ini menggambarkan diri kita bahawa kita juga akan gembira, walaupun kadang kadang ada masa kita diuji juga. Memori yang indah tampak lebih manis selepas kita berjaya menempuh cabaran dalam liku-liku kehidupan.

Title: GLOW IN THE DARK (2021) 

Artist : Syukran Shakirah 

Medium used: Acrylic on Canvas

Measurement: 20 x 30 inch // 51 x 77cm

A little bit about the Artist

SYUKRAN SHAKIRAH is a self-taught artist that has a great appreciation for the surroundings. This informs most of her art as they revolve around florals and a more naturalistic theme. Each piece of her work is the result of a meditative process and reflection of her thoughts toward nature and environments.

She has participated in several public and private events showcasing her talents such as Putrajaya International Islamic Arts & Culture Festival 2019, SEPHORA Raya Celebration 2019 and art class at PERODUA Headquarters Rawang and International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM). Her first group exhibition was held at the National Art Gallery, Kuala Lumpur in 2019 .

When I look into my work in progress, I see myself. It reflects on me who’s not perfect and always making mistakes yet struggling to be the best.” - Syukran Shakirah