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Light of all Lights 2 (2017) by Eugene Nandakumar | Original Artwork | Charcoal on Paper | 70 cm x 100 cm

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Title: Light of all Lights 2      

Artist : Eugene Nandakumar

Medium: Charcoal on White Paper 

Size: 70 cm x 100 cm

Year: 2017

Price : RM 5,500


These works express my views on life, views that are a cumulative perception of my life experiences so far. 

The creativity of live itself begins in darkness and ends in darkness. Yet in that darkness we not only come into being, we grow more in those forty weeks than we will for the remainder of our lives. 

The lines and the marks exhibit life’s terrains in its true essence, whereas the elaborate details connote the trenches, travails and hurdles that one encounters throughout life’s ironically unpredictable journey. 

The rate of growth of us as human beings is slow but definite. The various crooked lines are synonymous to the nooks and crannies in life that enriches us with valuable experiences that ultimately permeate our lives internally and externally for eternity. 

Human beings will always try to unravel the mystery of life, as it is our nature to, although the very mystery, the ultimate imago is comprehensible only to the Creator Himself. 

Some of life’s experiences are unexplainable but we tend to attribute it all to a single phrase - “it all happens for a reason”.

Indeed it is all a predetermined part that we play out, just as roots of a plant search for water underground without any instructions. Nevertheless, as we look back at our life path in hindsight, we understand that it is all not very mysterious ultimately, but is in fact constructed by the choices that we make for ourselves, be they good or bad….and yes! Wisdom begins in a dark moment, when all is lost and life is an impossibility.