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Rebirth (2020) by Shia Lynn Victor | Acrylic on Canvas. Glows in the dark under UV light | Original Painting | 30 cm x 80 cm

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"Never ending cycles, the way of the north, when life and death matter equally. Coping with anxiety, some nights, I would wake up at 3am after being awakened by a vivid dream. I would lay there alone with my thoughts and my emotions. Surrounded by silence, I can hear my own inner voice. As I watch my mind, all kinds of things would pass through and one of those things that I would often wonder about is Life and Death. Combined with my fascination for the old Norse and how they celebrate life through death, I often ponder about life after death, and how we become this form of energy when we ‘Return to the Source’ and transition to the next."

Note: The special effects in this painting, which can only be seen under a UV light, is to highlight the magickal element.

Title : Rebirth (2020) 

Artist : Shia Lynn Victor 

Medium : Acrylic on Canvas. Glows in the dark under UV light

Size : 30 cm x 80 cm


A little bit about Shia Lynn Victor 

Shia Lynn Victor graduated with a Diploma in Advertising from Taylor’s College School of Communications in 2005, and holds a Certificate in Fabric Painting Teacher’s Programme by Pebeo, and a Certificate in Colour Psycho Spiritual Therapy (Level 1 & 2) by International Academy of Colour Consciousness. 

Shia Lynn believes that creativity can be a healing process, and is on a mission to touch lives in the smallest ways by helping people  discover creative clarity as a Content Creator for The Artsy Craftsy.

As a Mixed Media Artist, Shia Lynn experiments with various arts, crafts and mediums. Her art varies between semi abstract and decorative, and she practises intuitive painting, mark making & art journaling. Shia Lynn draws inspiration from magical elements and colours, to textures, prints & patterns; including artists like Frida Kahlo & Vincent Van Gogh, thereafter translates them onto different surfaces. 

I learned how to heal and emote artistically, and evolve to create intuitively.” - Shia Lynn Victor


This artwork is part of the virtual art exhibition "2020 - 2021 : What's Your Story?" which runs from 21 January - 13 March 2021.