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Rising Up Once Again (2021) by Syukran Shakirah | Original Artwork | Acrylic on Canvas | 77 cm x 77 cm

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Do you remember the time when our country was shaken by the pandemic Covid-19? So much has happened. Many of us lost our family members, some ran out of money, some were laid off by the companies they used to work for. Everybody was affected in some way or another and it was a tough time for everyone to live a normal life. Apart from that, some went through unstable emotions. We felt sad, worried and anxious. We certainly were deeply affected by this pandemic.

This artwork was created to give courage and strength to those who experienced this stressful time. Thus, it was painted with bright and vibrant colors to cheer everyone up. Sunflower in this art symbolizes rising up. Therefore, for whatever difficulties and obstacles that we are going through, I hope that everyone can stand firm and can go through it. At the time, we felt down because of this pandemic.

However, there would be days for us to rise up once again and start living a better life. Have faith. "It doesn't matter if you fall down. What matters is your next step. You either stay down or rise up again”. That defines your determination and strength.


Karya ini dihasilkan dalam fasa negara kita menghadapi pandemik Covid-19. Pada waktu ini, ramai orang kehilangan ahli keluarga, kesempitan wang, dibuang kerja dan sukar untuk hidup seperti dulu. Dalam fasa ini, kita diuji dengan emosi yang turun naik, sedih, risau dan hampir berputus asa dengan kehidupan.

Karya ini menggunakan warna yang terang (vibrant) yang melambangkan kekuatan dan keberanian untuk menghadapi tempoh yang sukar ini. Bunga matahari melambangkan kebangkitan. Walau apa pun rintangan, kita harus teguh menghadapi ujian ini. Akan tiba masanya untuk kita bangkit dan memulakan hidup yang lebih baik.


Artist : Syukran Shakirah 

Medium used: Acrylic on Canvas

Measurement: 30 x 30 inch // 77 x  77 cm

A little bit about the Artist

SYUKRAN SHAKIRAH is a self-taught artist that has a great appreciation for the surroundings. This informs most of her art as they revolve around florals and a more naturalistic theme. Each piece of her work is the result of a meditative process and reflection of her thoughts toward nature and environments.

She has participated in several public and private events showcasing her talents such as Putrajaya International Islamic Arts & Culture Festival 2019, SEPHORA Raya Celebration 2019 and art class at PERODUA Headquarters Rawang and International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM). Her first group exhibition was held at the National Art Gallery, Kuala Lumpur in 2019 .

When I look into my work in progress, I see myself. It reflects on me who’s not perfect and always making mistakes yet struggling to be the best.” - Syukran Shakirah