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Soul Searching (2020) by Ejan Ahmad | Acrylic on Canvas | Original Painting | 4 feet x 3 feet

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RM 2,500.00
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RM 2,500.00
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“An individual's attempt to reach a higher state of mind sometimes takes detaching one self from their physical body into focusing on one's spiritual form. This in such to find an understanding of one’s true purpose or better path to follow.”

Title : Soul Searching (2020) 

Artist : Ejan Ahmad

Medium : Acrylic on Canvas

Size : 4 feet x 3 feet

Price : RM 2,500


A little bit about the Artist 

Ejan Ahmad was born in Ipoh, Perak, and is currently based in Kuala Lumpur. Ejan is a self-taught artist working in the airline industry in Malaysia. She is considered as the ‘creative one’ in the family. After a long hiatus from art, she decided to rediscover her passion again back in 2017, and has continued to paint ever since. 

As a self-taught artist, Ejan feels that she can bring a certain purity to her artworks. She is currently focused on mainly abstract art, while still continuing to explore other types of mediums besides acrylic. 

Her inspiration is mostly through what she feels and senses in nature. For her, the greatest satisfaction in her art is to let people have their own interpretation.

Art is an expression of my thoughts, my emotions, my feelings, my intuition and my desires.” - Ejan  Ahmad


This artwork is part of the virtual art exhibition "2020 - 2021 : What's Your Story?" which runs from 21 January - 13 March 2021.