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Still Standing (2020) by āruznadi | Original Artwork | Purple Clay, Partially Glazed | Sculpture

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"Pottery has a way of getting me to accept my flaws and strengths while also forcing me to master the art of letting go all at the same time. This bowl encapsulates who I am at the very core - the broken and the growing side of me."

Title : Still Standing (2020) 

Artist : āruznadi

Medium : Purple Clay, Partially Glazed

Size : Diameter: 13 cm, Height: 5 cm


A little bit about the artist 

Dian Azura thinks of herself as an alien robot who learns to communicate with the world through art where her hands/fingers function separately from the rest of her being.

As a pattern thinker, visualising is often a struggling process unless it’s archived in the memory bank. An irony since she’s trained as a Graphic Designer. 

The art making is often a very tactile and sensory overload journey where she gets to analyse how her brain works during the highs and lows of her mood swings. In many ways, art empowers her to manage her expectations without getting stuck in the blackhole.

As āruznadi, she’s on a mission to turn her pain, battle scars and wounds into something ugly beautiful. And, by owning her darkness, art is now where she feels most at home.

By owning my darkness, art has been my home.” - āruznadi