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Van Gogh Sunflower (2020) by Nor Liyana @ Lana | Original Artwork | Oil on Canvas | 20 cm x 30 cm

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Van Gogh is the Dutch painter that created impasto techniques using brush back in 1890. Applying his techniques using palette knife, sunflowers have always been my favourite flower. The combination of the bright yellow and orange colour really gave me cheerful feelings. Creating sunflowers usually makes me happier than ever. I care about my feelings first, so why not sunflowers all over again?

Title : Van Gogh Sunflower (2020)

Artist : Nor Liyana @ Lana

Medium : Oil on Canvas

Size : 20 cm x 30 cm 

A little bit about the Artist

NOR LIYANA @ LANA is a self-taught painter born in Alor Setar, Kedah, Malaysia. She was an engineering postgraduate and researcher for a while before becoming a full-time painter. 

A lover of nature, painting has been her escapism where she loves to draw special attention through scenery, landscapes and flowers. Lana found joy in painting and expressing her feelings onto her artworks.

Put the petal, from the metal.” - Nor Liyana @ Lana

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