• Waves of Ecstasy 300dpi

Waves of Ecstasy (2023) by Prabh Lahari | Original Painting | Acrylic on Canvas | 80 cm in diameter

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Title : Waves of Ecstasy

Artist : Prabh Lahari

Year : 2023

Size : 80 cm diameter

Medium : Acrylic on Canvas

Price : RM 1,980

"Expansion, not compression!

Sometimes, we tend to play small, to make ourselves invisible, unimportant. Shrink more, the tinier you are, the better – lay low, don’t make yourself so conspicuous, conform, conform, conform…& then conform a bit more, just to be on the safe side. Don’t speak your mind, accept the bits & pieces society throws at you, & be grateful while you’re at it...

Oh boy.

How did this fear of taking up space come to be so prominent? We are afraid to be our authentic selves, afraid to say & do what we want to in our deepest heart of hearts.

But then a day comes when you just decide that you realize the madness of it all. The utter absurdity of the system. & you stand loud & proud in your authenticity.

The beauty of it all is: only when you revel in & celebrate your authentic self can you share your talents & gifts with the world.

& the world needs your unique talents & gifts.

Find yourself, be yourself, then seek the places, things, & people that help you expand your being!"