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Whispers of the Ocean (2023) by Prabh Lahari | Original Painting | Acrylic on Canvas | 80 cm in diameter

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Title : Whispers of the Ocean

Artist : Prabh Lahari

Year : 2023

Size : 80 cm diameter

Medium : Acrylic on canvas

Price : RM 1,980

"The ocean holds secrets which are not only buried deep in its mysterious depths, but also hidden in plain sight.

Have you listened to the sound of waves gently lapping upon the beach? The waves come in, crash, & recede again, creating rhythmic sounds which form a soothing, healing lullaby.

Now listen to your breath – each inhale & exhale, are they not similar to the waves?

When waves are turbulent, the ocean is turbulent.

When waves are gentle & peaceful, the ocean is gentle & peaceful.

& so it is with our breath & body."

The secrets of the Universe are not as hidden as you think, you just have to be aware whenever they are being whispered to you!