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YASMIN (2021) by Aleng Tohara | Original Painting | Mixed Media on Canvas | 3 feet x 3 feet

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RM 3,950.00
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RM 3,950.00
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"Colours of bronze, dark red, black and gold. This is a symbol of fame and success. This work is about time and the importance of appreciating time. The opportunity sometimes comes once, twice or thrice. Therefore, appreciate the opportunities available. May we always be blessed."

Title : YASMIN (2021)

Artist : Aleng Tohara 

Medium : Mixed Media - acrylics, oil paint, plaster of paris, sand, pouring liquid, water, cement plaster on Canvas 

Size : 3 feet x 3 feet

Price : RM 3,950

A little bit about the artist

Aleng Tohara, a self-taught artist, is a bit of a poet himself too. Starting his art ventures in 2001, his artworks are often linked to his poetry and are all based on true stories about himself, what he has gone through in the past and present. 

He loves the vibrancy of gold and is often attracted to earthy materials as well as woody colours - all these are usually present in his creation and love for free-flow abstract paintings. 

Aleng Tohara’s art pieces have the influence of humanity-themed poetry that he composed, synonym to sense and sensibility. The titles of most of his artworks are names of special people, songs or places. 

Aleng Tohara who is known for his passion and natural touch in aesthetic beauty is also talented in personal make-up where human's face and skin become his 'canvas'. His make-up style is based on the motto of “beauty and clean”; a concept close to his heart that is similarly translated onto soulful colours of his paintings, doodles and cheerful character in illustrations works too. 

Multi-talented Aleng Tohara is now bringing those similar motto, feel and concept to his fashion line, batik design with ALENGTOHARA- QOMERASIJI where he added the playfulness of colours with batik pattern designs inspired by nature to bring out the uniqueness of every classic or modern-classic batik design.

I love arts, abstract be my art therapy” - Aleng Tohara